Fontanals de Cerdanya

Photo of Fontanals de Cerdanya in Fontanals de Cerdanya

Fontanals de Cerdanya is strategically located so that you can enjoy one of the most beautiful panoramic views of the region. When you are here you will agree with the description that the author Josep Pla made of the region: it creates a feeling of spaciousness, height, light and freedom. In the municipality, you can visit the five small villages found dotted between the cultivated fields and the Scots pine forests, as well as the golf course, the aerodrome and the surrounding natural area.


Fontanals de Cerdanya
La Cerdanya
Pl. de l'Ajuntament, 1
17538 Fontanals de Cerdanya (La Cerdanya)

Telephone: (+34) 972 890 196
Fax: (+34) 972 890 200



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