Ferran Adrià or the Roca Brothers could write these lines, and seduce you talking about the marvels of the gastronomy of the Girona regions. They would probably talk about the exquisite combination of traditional cuisine and creative cuisine. Or about the delightful union between the innovative spirit of the chefs and the best ingredients found locally. The genius of El Bulli Restaurant —which has now become a gastronomic foundation— and the three masters of El Celler de Can Roca are some of the main spokespeople for Girona gastronomy, an offer which is filled with original, tasty proposals.

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Michelin-starred restaurants

Excellence, prestige, innovation, creativity, experience... The province of Girona boasts 13 restaurants with 17 Michelin stars between them, reflecting an exquisite combination of culinary tradition and creative spirit.


Girona apple, PTCBG.


The chefs of the province of Girona have a key ally: the quality of local products. Many of them, such as wine, olive oil and beef, have been granted denomination of origin and quality seals.


Olot Cured Sausage Fair, Maria Geli and Pilar Planaguma

Gastronomic events

The cuisine of Girona, one of the most prestigious in the world, is a pleasure to be enjoyed by one and all. It forms part of our culture and belongs to everyone.