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Tastes of autumn

Until the 01/12/17

Autumn tastes of chestnuts and panellets (little round marzipan cakes). These two products provide the flavour in Catalan gastronomic culture when autumn brings vibrant red and yellow hues to forests and the days draw in and get chillier.



Ratafia Festival

Until the 03/12/17

If you've never tasted it, it's time you visited the Ratafia Festival of Santa Coloma de Farners or the Ratafia Fair of Besalú.


Fires i mercats de nadal

Christmas markets and fairs

From 01/12/17 to 26/12/17

You can find all you need at the Christmas markets held in many towns on the feast days of various saints...


Cavalgata de reis

Parade of the Three Kings


The Three Kings and the royal pages parade through the main streets of cities of towns on their floats, leaving a thick trail of sweets behind them.


Pessebre vivent

Living nativity scenes

From 01/12/17 to 06/01/18

This is a solemn and moving event that normally begins after dark. The various scenes are enacted in some of the most prominent areas of each town, such as mediaeval old quarters, while others take place in outlying areas, in the heart of nature.


Nit de Sant Joan

Saint John's Eve

From 23/06/18 to 24/06/18

Just wander around streets of any town and let the music and firecrackers guide you to one of the open-air parties, where you'll find a warm welcome.



Music festivals on the Costa Brava

From 01/07/18 to 31/08/18

We are privileged to host a wide variety of wonderful musical events, some of which have become permanent fixtures in the country's cultural calendar.


Sant Cristofol de Ventolà.Maria Geli Pilar Planagumà.Arxiu Imatges PTCBG

National Day of Catalonia


It is a public holiday on which every corner of the Costa Brava and the Girona Pyrenees is bedecked with the senyera.