Heritage and monuments

In the counties of Girona you can trace the history of humanity all the way back to the Palaeolithic. Following the footsteps of civilisations such as the Iberians, Greeks and Romans is an exciting experience. Contemplating remains from the Middle Ages is thrilling. Discovering the area's Jewish legacy will take your breath away. A diverse and well-preserved heritage. Come and be amazed!


Castles and fortresses

Get ready to embark on some of the most spectacular journeys to the past, to times when the lands of Girona formed the frontier between the Arab and Christian worlds...

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Camprodón III

Romanesque architecture

The Girona Pyrenees aren’t just about the scenery; they’re also about the art of Romanesque architecture, simple, austere and perfectly integrated in the beautiful surroundings...

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1. Vista parcial del jaciment


Following in the footsteps of our ancestors is a fascinating experience, stepping back thousands of years in time. Remains of megalithic culture, prehistoric caves...

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monument Walter Benjamin 1 MARIA GELI

Sculpture parks

Imagine a more original way of enjoying art, with no walls or ceilings, in original outdoor settings where sculptures can express themselves freely and where their charms...

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Modernism left a significant legacy in the counties of Girona. At the turn of the 20th century, architecture and decorative arts (among others)...

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Jewish legacy

Did you know that the Jewish community in Girona played an extremely important role in the development of the city between the 9th and the 15th centuries? ...

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