Photo of Bàscara in Bàscara

Like other towns in Alt Empordà, Bàscara offers you the chance to relive the area’s past. The village is full of landmarks from bygone eras, some of them declared Cultural Assets of National Interest: the ancient walls, the church of Sant Iscle, the castle, the castle-palace of Orriols, etc. You can also explore the village’s culture at the market of Tortells, a festival devoted to the tortells (large ring-shaped cakes) that godparents traditionally gave to their godchildrens.

And at Christmastime, relive the birth of Jesus with the Bàscara living nativity scene, which is staged in the old quarter and along the right bank of the Fluvià river, set against a backdrop of cliffs, natural caves and springs.


L’Alt Empordà
Pl. Major, 2
17483 Bàscara (L’Alt Empordà)

Telephone: (+34) 972 560 007
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Website: www.bascara.cat