El Port de la Selva

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In the north of the Costa Brava you'll find the Cap de Creus Natural Park, and on the north coast of the Cap de Creus peninsula and headland you'll find El Port de la Selva. Despite attracting many tourists to its beaches and coves in the summer, it has retained its character as a quiet little fishing village. It's also the perfect setting for nautical sports and for exploring the mountains that hug the Mediterranean along coastal footpaths and other trails. One of your walks really should include a visit to the 10th century monastery of Sant Pere de Rodes, one of the most magnificent examples of Romanesque architecture in the counties of Girona.


El Port de la Selva
L’Alt Empordà
del Mar, 1
17489 El Port de la Selva (L’Alt Empordà)

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