La Selva de Mar


There's a great trail for discovering the essence and charm of La Selva de Mar. The starting point is inside the town, shaped by the passage of the Selva stream that crosses it on its way to the sea. You can stop to admire the four defence towers and the church of Sant Esteve before heading on towards the remains of the old flour mill, located next to a waterfall, and the Lledoners spring. The trail then takes you to the picturesque district of Sant Sebastià, with its Romanesque church. It continues alongside the public washing place, the Mollor spring and the Dijous (Thursday) path, which cuts through a forest of cork oaks. The whole trail will take you just over an hour. But if you can, stay in the town for longer to get a real feel for it.


La Selva de Mar
L’Alt Empordà
Casa Consistorial
17489 La Selva de Mar (L’Alt Empordà)

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