La Pera


In the heart of a small valley in Baix Empordà, set on a hill, you'll find La Pera, a town that despite the passage of time preserves the mediaeval charm of its streets. Its main attraction, the castle, is situated just over a kilometre away from the town. Empordà's most famous artist, Salvador Dalí, fell in love with this fortification and gave it as a gift to his beloved Gala to make her “the queen of the castle”. This castle is now the Gala-Dalí Castle House-Museum and is well worth a visit (take note: book ahead!). Explore the private rooms of this residence where the couple spent long periods and the crypt, which is the resting place of the painter's muse.


La Pera
El Baix Empordà
Pl. Església, 1
17120 La Pera (El Baix Empordà)

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