La Tallada d’Empordà

Photo of La Tallada d’Empordà in La Tallada d’Empordà

La Tallada d’Empordà is a typical inland town of Baix Empordà, well preserved with an old quarter that exudes its mediaeval past and surrounded by lovely walking countryside in the form of small round hills and streams. You can stroll around the narrow, winding streets of the old quarter and retrace the old town walls thanks to the fact that six of the seven original towers remain standing, as does the Portalet, one of the gateways to the castle. Outside the town, take a leisurely climb up to the summit of Segalar peak. If you stop for a moment you can enjoy a view of the entire Empordà plain, the Roses gulf and the Gavarres massif.


La Tallada d’Empordà
El Baix Empordà
Ctra. les Torres, 1-5
17134 La Tallada d’Empordà (El Baix Empordà)

Telephone: (+34) 972 780 095
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