Tamariu (Palafrugell)

Photo of Tamariu (Palafrugell) in Palafrugell

In Tamariu it's all about the beach and coves, an oasis of calm in winter or glistening under the radiant sun in summer, and set in stunning surroundings. Follow a road of endless twists and turns from Palafrugell (the municipality to which it belongs) to reach this hidden paradise of coarse sand and abundant vegetation. If you're patient, you won't regret making the journey. You're sure to enjoy the coves of Aigua-xellida, Pedrosa or Els Lliris, not to mention Aiguadolç, where after a nice swim and some sunbathing you can cool down at the spring after which it's named. A walk along the coastal footpath to the Sant Sebastià lighthouse will give you the chance to enjoy a wonderful panoramic sea view. Can you already imagine yourself heading to Tamariu?


Tamariu (Palafrugell)
El Baix Empordà
17212 Palafrugell (El Baix Empordà)

Website: www.palafrugell.cat