Photo of Quart in Quart

Quart is synonymous with olles (ceramic stew pots), càntirs (clay water containers) and cooking pots in general. With soil, water, clay and fire. With pottery, the hallmark and economic engine of this town in Gironès for over 700 years. Clay was already being worked and turned into everyday utensils by the Iberians and Romans. At the Pottery Museum in Quart you can see how pottery has evolved and how the clay is worked to produce it, in particular the popular blackware of Quart. And if you’re really keen, visit Quart during the Pottery Fair, held around May each year.


El Gironès
Vila, 2
17242 Quart (El Gironès)

Telephone: (+34) 972 469 171
Fax: (+34) 972 469 171
Website: www.quart.cat



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