Sant Julià de Llor i Bonmatí

Photo of Sant Julià de Llor i Bonmatí in Sant Julià de Llor i Bonmatí

The history of this town in the Selva region is closely linked to one family: the Bonmatí family. They founded the cotton industrial colony that was the driving force behind the town for decades. The Bonmatí home, which you will be able to make out easily due to its magnificent tower and pointed roof, bears witness to the power of this family. However, before the Bonmatí family, the Romans had lived their lives in the town. The old bridge and the ruins of La Cavorca are proof of this. A good way to finish off your visit to Sant Julià del Llor i Bonmatí is by having a thirst-quenching drink at the Aulina Spring, a huge home oak planted more than two centuries ago.


Sant Julià de Llor i Bonmatí
La Selva
Pl. Don Manuel, 12
17164 Sant Julià de Llor i Bonmatí (La Selva)

Telephone: (+34) 972 422 296
Fax: (+34) 972 423 334



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