Vilobí d’Onyar

Photo of Vilobí d’Onyar in Vilobí d’Onyar

One of the main features of this town in the Selva region is an old volcano, the Crosa, with the largest crater on the Iberian Peninsula. The marshes which existed in ancient times have made way to a natural protected open space occupied by crops and trees. In the Guilloteres area, you will be able to see, in a vertical section, the superimposition of the layers of the various eruptions of the volcano. In the highest part Sant Llop hermitage was built, with a magnificent panoramic view. If you would like to kill two birds with one stone in Vilobí d'Onyar, you should visit the volcano in February, when you will also be able to enjoy the gastronomic evening dedicated to the sweet Catalan pork sausage.


Vilobí d’Onyar
La Selva
Trav. Casa de la Vila, 1
17185 Vilobí d’Onyar (La Selva)

Telephone: (+34) 972 473 026
Fax: (+34) 972 474 020



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