Núria Valley

The Girona Pyrenees have many surprises in store for you, just waiting to be discovered. The Núria valley is one of them. The landscape is shaped like a large pan —highly appreciated by walkers— with mountains of up to three thousand meters which envelop a place of great beauty. The sanctuary, which has been a place of pilgrimage since the 12th century, is near a lake where you can relax, as well as a ski resort with a long tradition.
Access to the valley is a great visual delight, with the journey made by rack railway, that departs from Ribes de Freser or from Queralbs (which are also worthy of a visit!). After a change of level of some one thousand meters, extraordinary views and beautiful waterfalls, you come to Núria, where you will be able to enjoy a Pyrenees experience seeing chamois, marmots and golden eagles.