The walking route in this town begins at Cala de la Fosca, or la Roca Fosca, and reaches La Cala del Castell, passing Cala S'Alguer. Renovated fishermen's shacks, pines, thickets and rocks scattered along both sides of the path are some of the most notable characteristics on this route, which ends in La Cala del Castell, one of the few large sandy beaches on the Costa Brava which has not been built upon; a clean, gently sloping beach with fine sand and a long, wide, south facing beach.

Further on, in La Cala dels Canyers, there is another path which runs to Cap de Planes. Along this route there are several viewpoints from where small beaches can be made out, such as Cala Estreta or Cala Pomes, also known as Bona, access to which can be made using the steps which adjoin the path itself. Just in front of Cap de Planes the Formigues Islands can be seen, formed by a group of black and reddish coloured granite rocks.

Next you come to three small coves which belong to the municipal area of Mont-ras: El Crit, Font Morisca and El Vedell, three points characterised by their wild beauty and where both rocks and vegetation come together as a single element. Behind the Botanical Gardens of Cap Roig a new walking route begins which provides the walker with marvellous views.

Following the path you will arrive in the bay of El Golfet, where the visitor, up until now, flanked by pine trees, is accompanied by additional oak trees until the end of the journey at the beach of Port Pelegrí, where the first houses of Calella de Palafrugell begin to appear.


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