Cadiretes Massif


The Cadiretes massif is a natural open area that occupies almost all the municipal area of Tossa de Mar, and part of Sant Feliu de Guíxols, Santa Cristina d'Aro, Llagostera, Vidreres, Caldes de Malavella and Lloret de Mar. It is a mountainous, granitic land, which separates the sea from the Selva plain and which is highest at the Puig de Cadiretes (519 m).

The depressions of the massif have been grooved by streams of a typically Mediterranean nature. Despite this, the nature of the land means that there is water all year round, which, together with the high humidity and rainfall provoked by the screen effect of the mountains against the east winds, means that the massif has botanical and wildlife elements of a clear Atlantic style. The coast, with more than 6 km protected, is particularly steep, which has facilitated the establishing of several relevant species, that find it to be an ideal refuge.


Cadiretes Massif
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