Headwaters of the River Ter-Setcases and Freser-Núria


This space is a compendium and an excellent example of the level of ecological diversity found in the eastern part of the axial Pyrenees.

From the lower limits up to 1,600 m, there is the mountain level, made up of deciduous forests.

From 1,600 m to 2,300 m, there are also sub-Alpine conifer forests, with a predominance of Swiss mountain pine, thicket, alpenrose heath, laburnum and juniper berry.

The wildlife is typical of Pyrenean high mountains. Among the vertebrates, the birds are of special interest. The izard, as a mammal, is without a doubt, the most plentiful and characteristic animal.


Headwaters of the River Ter-Setcases and Freser-Núria
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