If there were a ranking for points of cultural interest per square kilometre, the counties of Girona would surely be right near the top. Cultural experiences await you at every turn, starting with the historical legacy of the area: Palaeolithic and Neolithic settlements, remains of Iberian villages, Greek and Roman ruins, exceptional mediaeval heritage (with the noteworthy presence of Romanesque art and an outstanding and well-preserved Jewish legacy), and major modernist works.

Do not forget to explore the work of Salvador Dalí and other illustrious painters, such as those of the Olot school. As for popular culture, there is so much to discover, with ancient festivals and traditions that are deeply ingrained in the people of this region.

Dalí Theatre-Museum, Figueres, Alex Tremps

Museums and art venues

Each museum is a unique experience. The great cultural wealth of the Costa Brava and the Girona Pyrenees can be seen in a whole series of museums devoted to a wide variety of disciplines, periods and styles.


Ruins of Empuries in L'Escala, Maria Geli and Pilar Planaguma.

Heritage and monuments

In the counties of Girona you can trace the history of humanity all the way back to the Palaeolithic. Following the footsteps of civilisations such as the Iberians, Greeks and Romans is an exciting experience.


Jazz Nights in Platja d'Aro, Platja d'Aro town council.


Unique venues, including historical monuments and botanical gardens. Renowned international artists. And a setting and climate in which you will want to linger.


Interpretation Centre of Ripoll, TCiA.

Tourism promotion organizations

The promotion and stimulation of the Club de Cultura i Identitat (Culture and Identity Club) enjoy the support of various public bodies from around the counties of Girona.


Hotel Llegendes in Girona, PTCBG.


Given the history, heritage and essence ingrained in our land, the private sector and the business world support the cultural resources that surround them, and specialise in them through themed activities...



Crafts and ancient professions

Traditional arts and crafts constitute one of the main cultural and historical attractions of the Costa Brava and the Girona Pyrenees. From a touristic, educational, intimate point of view, we want to offer...


Coll d'Ares

The memorial sites

Exile, the uncertain path which opens before those who are forced to leave their own country, entails a traumatic and painful rupture. Imre Kertész says that...


Wool and Country Wedding Festival in Ripoll, Maria Geli and Pilar Planagumà.


If you really want to explore the culture of a town, don’t restrict yourself to the main places of interest and a short stay. Make the most of days when townsfolk gather to celebrate the festa major (main local festival)...