Given the history, heritage and essence ingrained in our land, the private sector and the business world support the cultural resources that surround them, and specialise in them through themed activities, charming accommodations and personalised mediation services, all to bring the public closer to the land in the most special way possible.


Leisure activities companies

Several companies work on cultural tourism, offer an unique, amusing and educational leisure experiences, always ready to share their products with family, couple or groups throughout the year.



Inbound travel agencies

The Girona region has a rich cultural heritage throughout the territory. Reservation centers and travel agencies provide cultural tourist products, which approach to the public...


Camping Las Dunas St. Pere Pescador. . Arxiu Imatges PTCBG (003)


The accommodation options of the Culture and identity club offers you much more than a wonderful rest in a variety of stunning landscapes. In one way or another they are closely involved in...