Easter Celebrations


Easter is the most important festival in the Christian calendar. It commemorates Jesus Christ's arrival in Jerusalem, his death on the cross and his resurrection three days later. From Maundy Thursday to Easter Monday, all the municipalities in the area hold a series of religious celebrations that mark Christ's journey to the Cross.

In Easter processions, confraternities carry statues through the streets as they walk the Stations of the Cross. The Manaies (Roman soldiers from the Imperial period) escort Jesus along the path to the Cross in a moving ceremony watched solemnly by onlookers. The Living Stations of the Cross culminate this festival by staging the Passion of Christ in the town's narrow streets, alleyways and squares.

In the countryside and in little towns, the tradition of caramelles (traditional Easter songs) remains alive. Choirs made up of groups of young people stroll around the streets, singing in front of various houses. In exchange for the recital, they used to receive a lamb or a certain amount of eggs or money, depending on the generosity of the audience. Although lambs and eggs were replaced long ago by dessert wine and biscuits, the custom of donating money to the young choir survives to this day.

In addition to their religious significance, Easter celebrations across the country are also popular and folkloric in nature, creating a strong sense of belonging to a culture or to a tradition. The fact that these manifestations of Catalan culture are still in rude health and remain relevant today is down to the individual and collective effort of the people who identify so strongly with them.


Easter Celebrations
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