Indianos Fair

Photo of Indianos Fair in Begur

In early September, Begur is transformed as it celebrates the Indianos fair and relives a period of history that left a significant imprint on the town and its identity. For three days, Begur offers a wide range of fun and cultural activities with the focus on its Indiano past.

The Indianos Fair celebrates the intense relationship between Cuba and Begur, which dates back to the period when many of the town's residents emigrated to the island in the 19th century. On returning to Begur, those who had made their fortune abroad built ostentatious houses that still grace the town's streets today. These were the Americanos, who attempted to recreate the lifestyle they enjoyed in Cuba, leaving an important cultural legacy.

During the fair, Begur's streets and squares are filled with a market selling overseas products, exhibitions of old trades and musical performances. A fun time for even the most demanding is ensured thanks to Caribbean rhythms (supplied by world-famous groups), the singing of havaneres (colonial sea shanties) and street shows, recreating the Indiano period.

All of this is complemented with a series of cultural activities, including exhibitions, interviews, talks, documentaries or round table discussions that analyse and disseminate the legacy of the Americanos.


Indianos Fair
Onze de Setembre, 5 - Economic Promotion and Tourism Area
17255 Begur (El Baix Empordà)

Telephone: (+34) 972 624 520
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