International Sheepdog Trials

Photo of International Sheepdog Trials in Ribes de Freser

The International Sheepdog Trials get under way after the shepherds' breakfast. Expert shepherds travel from France, Andorra, the Basque Country, Castellón and Catalonia to take part in the trials. The prize-giving ceremony takes place at the football pitch. The event is split into two sections: an exhibition in which all of the participants take part, followed by the competition proper, in which only qualifiers participate. The event ends with an exhibition of sheepdogs and feathered animals. Ribes de Freser is the pioneering town in Catalonia for sheepdog trials and is where the Catalan final is held. The champion and runner-up of the Catalan trials go on to take part in the national championship in Oñate (Basque Country) the following week. The event ends with a brotherhood dinner for all the participants.


International Sheepdog Trials
Football Pitch
17534 Ribes de Freser (El Ripollès)

Telephone: (+34) 972 727 728
Fax: (+34) 972 727 016


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