Mediterranean Triumvirate

Photo of Mediterranean Triumvirate in L'Escala

In ancient Rome, triumvir was the name given to each of the three powerful individuals that formed a commission or association. Many aspects of political, administrative, social, legal and religious life in Rome were governed through special commissions of this kind. The triumvirate is the name used to describe the political alliances that preceded the establishment of the Roman Empire.

This is the title chosen by L'Escala for this fun activity since it represents an alliance between three cultures (Indikete, Greek and Roman) and between three organisers: L'Escala Town Council, the Retail and Business Association of L'Escala (UBET) and the Archaeology Museum of Catalonia - Empúries, who pursue common objectives. The adjective 'Mediterranean' serves to highlight the geographical area in which the story and present activity unfold. It is a union of the past and present. The Mediterranean Triumvirate festival offers visitors a full day to explore the relations between three cultures. The activity begins with the arrival of the Roman legionaries, a constant presence throughout the day. On a walking tour of 1.6 Roman miles (1,600 metres) from the Oberta vantage point in L'Escala to the Ruins of Empúries, the Roman guides will explain the history that has shaped today's culture and society. The festival also includes a fair-market, street shows, gladiator fights, crafts, art, music, science, history and fun, all based on a set of elements with over 2,000 years of history.


Mediterranean Triumvirate
17130 L'Escala (L’Alt Empordà)

Telephone: (+34) 972 770 603


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