Tria de mulats in Espinavell

Photo of Tria de mulats in Espinavell in Molló

The Tria de Mulats (Selection of Foals) is a traditional livestock fair held every year in Espinavell, in the municipality of Molló, on 13th October (Saint Edward's Day) and is a very important event for the entire Camprodon valley area and for the county of Ripollès as a whole. The origins of the fair are unclear, since it was traditionally where the breeders of Molló and buyers met to negotiate the sale and purchase of livestock. Over time, the fair became more and more popular and is now one of the major tourism events of the municipality and county in terms of the number of visitors who flock to it.

The festival begins with the bringing down of the livestock from the mountains to Les Planes d'Espinavell, where the fair takes place. Once there, negotiations get under way between buyers and livestock breeders for the sale and purchase of foals. In the morning the prizes are awarded for the finest specimens, chosen by a veterinary committee. In the afternoon, once all the deals have been sealed, the selection or separation of the mares and the foals takes place. This is where the name Tria de Mulats comes from, referring to the separation of the foals from their mothers. Finally, the mares and horses, separated from the foals, return to the mountain area of Costabona until the year's first snowfall, when their owners bring them back down to their respective farms.

Meanwhile, a fair with traditional and livestock-related products takes throughout the day in Les Planes d'Espinavell.


Tria de mulats in Espinavell
C. Sant Sebastià, 2 - Town Hall
17868 Molló (El Ripollès)

Telephone: (+34) 972 740 387
Fax: (+34) 972 130 129


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