Procession of Verges and Dance of Death


This Easter Procession takes place on Maundy Thursday. The Procession of Verges is a theatrical representation of the life and crucifixion of Jesus Christ. The events begin in the afternoon with a parade of the Manages (Roman soldiers) who make their way through the town to collect the religious floats and take them to the church in formation. Later, the mediaeval old town provides a natural setting for the performance which takes place in the scenic space of the Main Square with the town walls and the fortified medieval towers as a backdrop. Finally, the Procession continues along the picturesque streets and alleys of the village.

The Children’s Procession takes place on Easter Saturday afternoon. The children of the village act out a similar performance to the one on Thursday, but on a smaller scale. The town is full of people who show the same joy and enthusiasm as on Maundy Thursday.

The Dance of the Death is held on Maundy Thursday. This is a scene with lots of the ancient and unique symbolism that features in the Procession of Verges. Nowadays, it is composed of ten characters. Five skeletons dance to the sound of a skeleton with a drum and take the form of a cross. The main part of The Dance of the Death is performed by two adult characters, one with a scythe bearing the inscription “Nemini Parco” (death forgives no-one) and another with a black flag with the inscription “lo temps es breu” (life can be short). Then there are three children, two skeletons who carry a dish with ashes; and a third dancer with an ancient clock without hands. They are escorted by four additional skeletons with torches that illuminate the scene and create a gloomy atmosphere.


Procession of Verges and Dance of Death
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