Ingràvid. Festival of contemporary culture of Empordà


Ingràvid is a platform with two key objectives: on the one hand, to make contemporary creation more accessible to citizens and, on the other hand, to address questions, problems, solutions and reflections regarding modern society on a local and global level. We understand that the two things are related and that there are many contexts in which artistic creation can serve as a platform to branch off and be used more as a practical tool. Ingràvid is a contemporary culture festival held in the north of Catalonia. It mainly takes its inspiration from the public spaces and day-to-day life of the city, since it is in these spaces where our initiative gains meaning. Furthermore, the windows and interiors of several shops serve as a point of friction between contemporary creation and the city.


Ingràvid. Festival of contemporary culture of Empordà
17600 Figueres (L’Alt Empordà)


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