Castell de Peralada international music Festival


Founded in 1987 out of the love of music of its president, Carmen Mateu, the Festival is regarded as one of the major arts events of the summer. The business patronage of the Festival is part of the Peralada Group's Corporate Social Responsibility policy, in line with the international spirit of active contribution to culture and music performance. It is a unique initiative in Spain in terms of the support and dissemination of the music offered by private initiative with a public calling. Proof of this is the support provided by over 50 companies that sponsor the event year after year. A clear commitment to the excellence of the artistic proposals in lyric and dance. The local production, the commitment to new creators, the support for composers and the invitations to major artists and companies have contributed to the cultural enrichment of our country.

The Castell de Peralada Festival is a member of The European Festival Association (EFA), Opera Europa, Opera XXI and the Spanish Classical Music Festivals Association (FestClásica).


Castell de Peralada international music Festival
Sant Joan s/n - Castell de Peralada
17491 Peralada (L’Alt Empordà)