Sounds of the World - Wine & Music. Empordà


Sounds of the World means Music, Food and Wine in a luxury setting. Held in a superb setting (Citadel of Roses and Square Basilica of Castelló d’Empúries) the aim is to bring these three disciplines under the same umbrella concept. As such, visitors to Sounds of the World can enjoy a concert, a dinner prepared by one of the top restaurants in the Empordà area and a glass of wine from one of the area's best wineries. This is a unique, original event with added value, bringing together the main assets of the Costa Brava's new high quality tourism offering.


This festival is held in luxury heritage venues: Citadel of Roses and Square Basilica of Castelló d’Empúries, with a world music programme that features flamenco artists and singer/songwriters, among others. Attending a concert in a theatre or concert hall is not the same as enjoying one in an outdoor auditorium completely surrounded by history. The smaller capacity of these venues makes the festival even more exclusive.


Wine is steadily becoming one of the country's most important symbols of cultural identity. Audience members can enjoy the concert while having a glass of wine chosen especially for listening to this performer and selected.


Sounds of the World - Wine & Music. Empordà
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