Archaeological site of the castle of Llívia


The castle is synonymous with Llívia's golden age. It is located at the top of Puig del Castell (Castle Hall). It has an upper enclosure formed by a rectangular master tower with four small round towers and a lower enclosure that envelopes it. The wall was fortified by rectangular towers on the sides and circular towers with turrets on the corners. The remains date back to a period spanning from the 9th to the 15th century, when the castle was destroyed by the troops of Louis XI. Accustomed to the protection afforded by the castle and the privileges that it conferred, Llívia was reluctant to lose everything, especially the right to provide a safe haven for the inhabitants of towns with no defences. In the 16th century the Bernat de So Tower was built (1584-85) in order to uphold these rights.


Archaeological site of the castle of Llívia
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