Castle of Cervià


The oldest written document found with references to the castle of Cervià is the last will and testament of the nobleman Sunyer Llobet, dictated from one of his chambers in 1024. During the Middle Ages it was a strategic fortification since the municipal district of Cervià, which formed part of the county of Girona-Osona-Barcelona, bordered to the north with the counties of Empúries and Besalú, traditionally hostile to that of Girona-Osona-Barcelona. Until the second half of the 15th century the castle belonged to the Cervià dynasty, a long line of noblemen who always stood out for their loyalty to the counts of Barcelona, who later became the kings of the Catalan-Aragonese Crown. In the 15th century the castle fell into the hands of the Xammar family, from the town of Medinyà. In 1788 it was purchased by the Fonsdeviela family, which owned it until 2013, when it was acquired by Cervià de Ter Town Council.

From when the castle was built (possibly at the end of the 10th century), some remains have been preserved of the original fortification that occupied a prominent hill situated in the centre of the walled enclosure, which offered a commanding view of a broad stretch of land in the lower Ter and of the road traditionally used to travel from Empordà to La Selva. These remains, of great scientific and archaeological value and occupying a surface area of 800 m2, are the subject of a comprehensive restoration project carried out by the University of Girona, thanks to which the castle will be recovered and turned into a museum site in the near future.

The other elements that formed part of the fortified enclosure of the castle of Cervià and that have survived to this day are from a later period (13th and 14th centuries). They include the southern wall, the castle entrance alleys or the clock tower, the best preserved architectural element of the monumental complex.

Every year in the first week of May, the Friends of Ancient Cervià association organises the Cervià Castle Day, an educational day focusing on one of the most interesting heritage elements in Cervià de Ter.


Castle of Cervià
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