Castle of Sant Joan

Photo of Castle of Sant Joan in Lloret de Mar

Situated at the top of a hill that separates Lloret de Mar and Fenals beaches. Its chapel was consecrated in 1079 but all that remains of the original fortification are the foundations of the keep, the east wall, some ruins on the southern side and a series of silos hollowed out of the rock, now covered over.

The origins of the Castle of Sant Joan are the origins of the town of Lloret. Back in the 11th century, the area of land delimited as Loredo was ruled over by Sicardis of Lloret (1031-1103).

The Third Coalition War that pitted Great Britain against Spain and France, concluding at the Battle of Trafalgar, had a disastrous effect on the tower of the Castle of Sant Joan. In 1805 the British Navy bombed the tower, destroying the fortified enclosure once and for all. The Castle remained in disuse throughout the 19th century and was reduced to ruins.


Castle of Sant Joan
Punta de Fenals
17310 Lloret de Mar (La Selva)

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