Querroig Castle


Querroig Castle stands at the top of Querroig peak at 670 metres, in the municipal district of Portbou, on the border between France and Catalonia, close to the French towns of Cerbère and Banyuls. This 10th century castle is now in ruins, although the watchtower and part of the walls remain standing. The Save Querroig Association has recently been created with the goal of implementing various initiatives to document and protect it as a site of cross-border interest between the two countries. There is documentary evidence of the castle stretching back to 1385. To reach it, visitors must take the forest track that leads from the Belitres pass through the Farella pass, or the forest path from the Frare pass over the old road.


Querroig Castle
Querroig peak
17497 Portbou (L’Alt Empordà)

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