Barri Vell (old quarter) of Girona

Photo of Barri Vell (old quarter) of Girona in Girona

Barri Vell is the name given to the Girona's old quarter. Behind the typical view of the houses on the River Onyar, visitors discover an architectural legacy that mixes the brushstrokes of the Baroque monuments of the cathedral steps and the Pujada de Sant Domènec, or the façade and steps of Sant Feliu Church, with the elegant sobriety of the Romanesque buildings, such as the old monastery of Sant Pere de Galligants or the Arab Baths. The cathedral is a constant point of reference in the city, with the widest Gothic nave in Europe, standing close to one of the most special areas in the city, the call (old Jewish quarter).


Barri Vell (old quarter) of Girona
Rambla Llibertat, 1
17001 Girona (El Gironès)

Telephone: (+34) 972 226 575