Historic mediaeval quarter of Ripoll


Historic and strategic quarter surrounded by a wall built in the 14th century around the monastery and town. One of the towers of the five entry gates is still preserved, that of Raval de Sant Pere. Notable is the Estrella fort, originally a military building built to defend Ripoll from the attacks of the Carlist army. The Arquet lock and canal, located under Raval bridge, and the canal that passes close to the city walls indicate the importance of harnessing the water resources of the rivers Freser and Ter in the economic development of the town. The porticoed main square is noteworthy, along with the main buildings of historical or architectural interest, such as Casa Vaquer, the modernist Casa Alòs, Casa Sunyer and Casa Busanya.


Historic mediaeval quarter of Ripoll
17500 Ripoll (El Ripollès)

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