Monumental complex of the old quarter of Cervià


The Benedictine monastery, founded in 1053 by Silvi Llobet, lord of Cervià, is the jewel in the crown of the monumental complex of Cervià de Ter.

A thriving town in the Middle Ages, it fell into decline from the 16th century. The church is in the Romanesque style, with three naves, the central nave being higher than the side ones, with a transept and triple-apse chevet. In the middle of the church there is a Romanesque cloister that has been altered in later periods. In recent restoration works carried out in the church some of the murals of the side naves have been recovered. They date from the end of the 12th century or the turn of the 13th century, which means that they could be considered the second most important murals preserved on their original site in the counties of Girona.

The old quarter of Cervià preserves several remains of the mediaeval period. Noteworthy elements include the old town walls, of which some remains can be observed on Carrer Girona, Carrer de la Muralla and Carrer del Torrent Anglí.


Monumental complex of the old quarter of Cervià
17464 Cervià de Ter (El Gironès)

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