Iberian settlement of Ullastret


The fortified settlement of Ullastret is an important Iberian site situated on Sant Andreu mount, two kilometres from the town of the same name. This settlement dates back to the 7th century BC. During the existence of the settlement, the Iberians built a great walled enclosure and established their own culture in terms of both urban structure and funeral rites, along with the different social activities carried out there. The remains of this Iberian culture in Baix Empordà can be seen in the Archaeology Museum of Ullastret,located in the Iberian village itself.


Iberian settlement of Ullastret
Afores s/n - Puig de Sant Andreu
17114 Ullastret (El Baix Empordà)

Telephone: (+34) 972 179 058
Website: www.mac.cat/seus/ullastret