La Palomera Iberian Settlement


Located in Finestres at 760 metres above sea level, right next to the municipality of Sant Aniol de Finestres, the Iberian settlement of La Palomera is a barrier-type settlement, typical of the Iberian period, classified as such due to its clear defensive purpose. It is a place with natural defences in the form of scarps located to the north and east of the settlement, which at the time made it difficult to reach.

It was discovered by the archaeologist Francesc Riuró in 1965. The surviving dry stone structure is arranged in a square layout. It is composed of an external wall with a tower-like structure placed inside. Finds have included Iberian ceramics made by hand or on the lathe, several remains of Emporitan ceramics and fragments of amphorae of Iberian or Greco-Italic origin, and even a fragment of Punic origin. In 2007 the watchtower and the Iberian remains of the settlement were restored. Located nearby is the Lady of Garrotxa sculpture by the artist Picolivas, a homage to the eminent Girona archaeologist Miquel Oliva i Prat.


La Palomera Iberian Settlement
17154 Sant Aniol de Finestres (La Garrotxa)

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