Roc de la Melca


The Roc de la Melca prehistoric settlement is a huge block of Eocene fossiliferous sandstone,

underneath the edges of which there is a small shelter that was occupied by prehistoric man.

The Roc de la Melca prehistoric settlement was discovered by Francesc Riuró in the mid-1960s. The evidence found there related to its industry means that it can be dated to the Final Gravettian (around 18,950 BC).

Curiously, in the upper section some rills and circular hollows (50 cm across or larger) can be observed, a typical feature of Megalithic monuments and burial caves. It is thought that in the modern period the block may have been used as a quarry to extract millstones, and that the rills and hollows are evidence of this practice.


Roc de la Melca
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