Roman Road of Capsacosta

Photo of Roman Road of Capsacosta in Sant Pau de Segúries

The Roman road of Capsacosta is an authentic engineering feat of great architectural interest, an exceptional piece of history from a hugely significant period for our country.

Built during the Roman Empire, the Roman Road of Capsacosta is easy to follow. Several stretches are in excellent condition. This road was called Via Annia and was a branch of the Via Augusta. From Figueres it entered the mountainous region and, after crossing the Bianya plain it climbed towards Capsacosta and continued on to the Ares pass before linking up with the Via Augusta again in Gaul.

The walls, kerbstones and other elements of the Roman road of Capsacosta show the extraordinary construction work carried out 2000 years ago.

One of the paths in the Itinerànnia network follows the Roman road of Capsacosta from the Traginers (muleteers) pass in the Bianya valley to Sant Pau de Segúries (Ripollès).


Roman Road of Capsacosta
Ctra. Capsacosta - Via Romana.
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