Archaeology Museum of Catalonia-Empúries


Located on the Costa Brava, it is one of the most important archaeological sites in Catalonia. It was occupied by the ancient Greek city of Emporion and later the Roman city of Emporiae, serving as the gateway for the arrival of these classical cultures on the Iberian Peninsula. The remains preserved there provide a wonderful window on the past. Empúries is a hugely important site in our history given that it is where the Romanisation of the Iberian Peninsula began.

In addition to the ruins of the Greek and Roman cities you can visit the permanent exhibition of the dedicated museum, one of the highlights of which is the famous Greek sculpture of the god Asclepius, the Asclepius of Empúries.


Archaeology Museum of Catalonia-Empúries
C. Josep Puig i Cadafalch, s/n
17130 L'Escala (L’Alt Empordà)

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