Municipal Museum of Tossa de Mar


The Municipal Museum of Tossa de Mar is situated right in the heart of the Vila Vella, the 12th century walled old town. It occupies the 14th century Casa Falguera building, also known as the house of the Batlle de Sac (administrator) or the Governor's house. The Falguera family represented the Abbot of Ripoll (the feudal lord of the town), collecting taxes on his behalf. The Batlle de Sac was an administrator entrusted with collecting taxes on behalf of the abbot, which were paid in kind (tithes). The tithes were collected in sacks, which is where the name Batlle de Sac comes from.

The site is outstanding. The majestic Codolar tower (or Keep) overlooks the beach of the same name and is fully integrated within the museum. The museum founders were very careful to choose the grandest building possible to house the art collection.


Municipal Museum of Tossa de Mar
Pl. Roig i Soler, 1 - Vila Vella
17320 Tossa de Mar (La Selva)

Telephone: (+34) 972 340 905
Fax: (+34) 972 341 834


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