Raset Museum - Modern Art Museum

Photo of Raset Museum - Modern Art Museum in Cervià de Ter

The Raset Museum is a modern art museum housed in an impressive 13th century manor house. Part of the house has been restored to accommodate attractive exhibition areas. The museum exhibits the works of the affiliated Bueler-Bernard art collection. The collection is largely made up of Spanish and Catalan paintings, but it has a strong international flavour since it also stretches far beyond national borders.

The semi-permanent exhibition entitled '100 Years of Modern Still Life Painting' is an inspiring selection of paintings from the Bueler-Bernard collection that explores still life painting over the last 100 years.

The Raset Museum presents the still life exhibition '100 Years of Modern Still Life Painting', focusing on distinct artistic approaches to modern still life painting in the Bueler-Bernard collection. Some 40 paintings have been selected by 20 different artists from the 20th century. The painters approach the traditional theme from a new perspective, each in their own unique way.

In the 20th century modernism became a vehicle for observing objects differently. Individual expression began to take priority over traditional formalist painting, offering endless new possibilities. '100 Years of Modern Still Life Painting' celebrates the artistic successes that fill the gaps left behind by the canon of the 20th century on its path of rapid artistic progress.


Raset Museum - Modern Art Museum
C. Raset de Baix, 29
17464 Cervià de Ter (El Gironès)

Telephone: (+34) 972 496 261
Website: www.museo-raset.org