Salvador Dalí House-Museum Portlligat

Photo of Salvador Dalí House-Museum Portlligat in Cadaqués

The present-day House-Museum in Portlligat was Salvador Dalí's only stable residence; the place where he habitually lived and worked until the death of his wife Gala in 1982, when he fixed his residence in Púbol Castle.

In 1930 Salvador Dalí moved into a small fisherman's cottage, attracted by the landscape, light and isolation of the place. Over the following 40 years he went about creating his home from this initial construction. As he himself defined it, it was 'a true biological structure [...]. Each new pulse in our life has its own new cell, a room.'

The resulting form is the labyrinthine structure that exists today, which from a single point of departure, the Bear Lobby, spreads out, twisting and turning in a succession of spaces linked by narrow corridors, slight changes of level and blind passageways. Brimming with objects and mementoes of Dalí and his wife, these spaces are decorated with features that make them particularly warm: rugs, whitewashed walls, dried flowers, velvet upholstery, antique furniture, etc. Furthermore, all the rooms feature windows of different shapes and sizes that frame the same landscape, a constant point of reference in Dalí’s work: Portlligat bay.

The house contains three distinctive areas: the couple’s private quarters, on the ground floor and in rooms 7 to 12; the studio, in rooms 5 and 6, featuring several art-related objects; and the outside areas, in room 13 and courtyards 14 and 15, especially designed for entertaining guests.


Salvador Dalí House-Museum Portlligat
17489 Cadaqués (L’Alt Empordà)

Telephone: (+34) 972 251 015
Fax: (+34) 972 251 083


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