Ethnological Museum of Montseny - La Gabella

Photo of Ethnological Museum of Montseny - La Gabella in Arbúcies

The Ethnological Museum of Montseny - La Gabella is a centre for the exhibition, conservation, dissemination and research of the cultural heritage of the Montseny massif. It is housed in a 17th century building in the centre of Arbúcies that has been restored and adapted for this purpose.

The permanent exhibition rooms show the material legacy of the communities that have populated the massif over the course of its history. The journey back in time begins in the rooms on the ground floor that show what life was like in prehistoric, Iberian and Roman times, along with how the Montseny landscape has been transformed over time as a result of the long process of interaction between people and the environment. Montsoriu Castle is the running theme of the rooms devoted to the Middle Ages, featuring a selection of artefacts recovered during the archaeological works carried out there and a large model of the fortress. Meanwhile, the theme of the first floor, which covers the modern period, is witches and bandits. Here, visitors find out how traditional society functioned, structured around the farmstead, a self-sufficient economic model based on crop growing, livestock breeding and forest farming.

At the turn of the 20th century Montseny underwent the last major change in the way of life of its inhabitants due to the process of industrialisation that took place in the country. This process led to a great economic, social and cultural transformation in all sectors of society in Montseny. The final floor of the museum is devoted to explaining these changes, showing the first industries to be established in the area and their relationship with the environment, taking the case of Arbúcies as an example.

The museum also offers two audio-visual presentations: Montsoriu Castle, which covers the history of the finest Gothic castle in Catalonia, and Legends of Montseny, which gives visitors a taste of the imaginary and magic world of Montseny.


Ethnological Museum of Montseny - La Gabella
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