Museum of Count Arnau

Photo of Museum of Count Arnau in Gombrèn

This small museum is devoted to one of the most important legendary figures in mediaeval Catalonia:

Count Arnau.

This museum in Gombrèn (housed in the town's culture centre) displays archaeological, literary, mythological and historical artefacts related to the castle and the Mataplana dynasty.

This museum shows artefacts found in the various excavations that have taken place in the castle of Mataplana, the castle of Count Arnau.

Scale models and drawings show the evolution of the castle and the surrounding area, illustrating what day-to-day life must have been like in its golden age. Some of the most noteworthy items are the pewter diptych, a piece from an ivory chess set and a papal bull, all dating back to the 12th and 13th centuries.


Museum of Count Arnau
Carbasser, 14
17531 Gombrèn (El Ripollès)

Telephone: (+34) 972 721 317