Mediterranean Lighthouse Interpretation Centre

Photo of Mediterranean Lighthouse Interpretation Centre in Tossa de Mar

From time immemorial, lighthouses have been a guiding light for navigators and sailors. Penetrating the blue expanse, a beam of light from the coast enabled sailors to find their away, steer clear of the rocks, glimpse the coast... in short, they signalled a safe haven.

From the most ancient to the most modern models, lighthouses have played a vital role in the lives of seafarers. As dusk falls, these steadfast coastal watchtowers come to life and send out the first rays of light from their lanterns. Their light rhythmically sweeps the water, providing comfort to all those keen to learn the mysteries and understand the ways of the ocean.

The Mediterranean Lighthouse Interpretation Centre focuses on the cultural heritage of lighthouses and their symbolic importance.

The Mediterranean Lighthouse Interpretation Centre has been created to transmit the importance of lighthouses over the course of history in an educational way that engages the senses. It is one of the most interesting and original interpretation centres on the Costa Brava in terms of culture and entertainment. The combination of its wonderful setting and contents makes it a leading light in the maritime heritage sector as a whole, and in the world of lighthouses in particular. The centre's approach in respect of its contents and language options, is designed to make this a facility suitable for visitors of all ages, whether local or from further afield.

The tour of the Tossa lighthouse takes you on a journey into the world of lighthouses that engages the senses, emotions and intellect. Its rooms are designed to highlight some of the most important features of lighthouses and their technologies, along with their history and development. The lives of lighthouse keepers, lighthouse architecture, the earliest signals using fire, references to lighthouses in literature and film... This is a journey for the senses, offering great insight into one of the most fascinating aspects of seafaring life: lighthouses.


Mediterranean Lighthouse Interpretation Centre
Camí del Far
17320 Tossa de Mar (La Selva)

Telephone: (+34) 972 343 359
Fax: (+34) 972 341 834


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