Montgrony Year 0 Interpretation Centre

Photo of Montgrony Year 0 Interpretation Centre in Gombrèn

In Catalonia and beyond, everybody is familiar with the legend that attributes the founding of Catalonia to the historical figure of Wilfred the Hairy. Less well known is the other legend, associated with the sanctuary of Montgrony: the legend of Otger Cataló.

He was the great patriotic and national legend of Catalonia, forgotten over time, perhaps eclipsed by the other great Catalan myth, that of Count Arnau, which originated in this very place, where most of his misdeeds occurred.

Otger Cataló and the nine barons were lauded as heroes and warriors in a time of battles. Land of Counts and Abbots explains what these legendary heroes did and how.


Montgrony Year 0 Interpretation Centre
Sanctuary of Montgrony
17531 Gombrèn (El Ripollès)

Telephone: (+34) 972 704 556