Micromundi: Museum of miniatures and micro-miniatures of Besalú

Photo of Micromundi: Museum of miniatures and micro-miniatures of Besalú in Besalú

Micromundi, the only museum of its kind in Spain, displays a wide variety of MINIATURES, MINI-MINIATURES and MICRO-MINIATURES. A magical fantasy world in which you will find the art of the impossible.

Visit the museum and enter another realm of reality, on a different scale, a journey to the heart of imagination, beauty and technical precision.

You will find an exceptional set of works of art, taking you on a journey to different miniature worlds. The exhibits become smaller and smaller until you reach the collection of MICRO-MINIATURES, the world of the impossible. Admire works of art created as if by magic, such as a camel caravan in the eye of a needle, a jewel collection on top of an apple seed, and even the Eiffel tower on top of a poppy seed.

The museum is housed in a distinctive rationalist-style building next to the Romanesque church of Sant Pere. The museum has been conceived with a truly innovative and educational approach, in terms of the design and colouring of the various rooms and the exhibition resources themselves, particularly in respect of the design of the display cases, the lighting systems and the optical devices for observing the works.

The museum also has a multi-purpose room for temporary exhibitions related to the contents of the museum and for other cultural activities.


Micromundi: Museum of miniatures and micro-miniatures of Besalú
Pl. Prat de St. Pere, 15
17850 Besalú (La Garrotxa)

Telephone: (+34) 972 591 842
Website: http://www.museuminiaturesbesalu.com