Scientific and sustainable routes

Are you ready to satisfy your infinite curiosity?

Through their ‘Scientific Tourism’ project, the Catalan Foundation for Research and Innovation and Girona Provincial Council, in collaboration with the region’s county, city and town councils, tourist offices and various organisations, have created these routes around the Girona Counties as an alternative to conventional tourism, offering an activity that provides the added value of scientific and sustainable knowledge. Each of these routes is based on a specific science-related subject, around which a weekend break can be organised. Each county offers a different path to follow.

In this guide you will learn, among other things, who professor Margalef was, how the cannons on various shipwrecks in the Mediterranean have been recovered and restored, which chemical process is involved in the production of a simple cheese, why the wetlands were so important to the Greeks and Romans, how long it takes a cork oak to start producing cork after it has been harvested, what animal the prized skull on display in the Banyoles Archaeological Museum is from and how the Romans extracted gold from the gullies of the Cerdanya region.

Take a look at all the scientific and sustainable routes around Catalonia that we have prepared, in which tourism and science go hand in hand.