Health and Wellbeing

Thermal water, spas and health resorts, massages, meditation, yoga, healthy gastronomy, relaxation. Your journey full of delightful sensations in the Costa Brava and the Girona Pyrenees starts here.

Take a break. Leave your stress behind and pamper yourself.

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We can see it in your look... your web browsing has brought you here for a reason: you need to disconnect.


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Health Resorts

WELLNESS in capital letters. All the beneficial effects of thermal and mineral-medicinal waters within your grasp. Check out the prestigious health resorts of the province of Girona...


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Tourism promotion organizations

The promotion and stimulation of the Wellbeing Club enjoy the support of various public bodies from around the counties of Girona. Town halls, tourist offices and county councils...


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Medical centres

In the Girona province, your health is in very good hands. The high level of the medical centres guarantees top-quality, individual care...


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Healthy cuisine

Vegetarian, vegan, macrobiotic and flexi-vegan gastronomy. Local, top-quality organic products. A wide range of delicious, healthy cuisine...


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Wellness hotels

There are hotels that know just what you need. They have understood exactly how to cater for their guests’ wellbeing requirements by providing a whole range of healthy activities.


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Activity companies

Imagine for a few moments doing yoga in a bay on the Costa Brava, to welcome the sun in the early morning or to watch the sun go down at dusk; or meditating...


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Well-being breaks

If you feel that it is the right time to take a break, do it! Throughout the Girona region, you will find diverse spaces designed to switch off and enjoy some well-earned days of peace and quiet.